Montana sets the stage for some of the greatest movies of all time. One of those is the popular movie starring Brad Pitt, A River Runs Through It.

As much love as A River Runs Through It has, it is surprisingly NOT the highest-rated movie in Montana.

What is the highest-rated movie in Montana?

I'm guessing the younger generation has never seen or even heard of the movie, Lonesome Dove let alone the sequel, Return To Lonesome Dove (a mini-series).


Lonesome Dove was made in 1989 and has since been recognized as one of the best western movies of all time. This original was filmed mostly throughout Texas.

The Return To Lonesome Dove, on the other hand, was filmed throughout many different parts of Montana including, Butte, Virginia City, Ennis, and Billings in 1993. Maybe you will recognize some of the scenes as your hometown. Do you want to see what "old Montana" looked like? Here you go!

If you are a lover of books, the Lonesome Dove series is one of the greatest. You will laugh, cry, and get a feel for what it was really like on the ranches of Montana in the turn of a page.

With some of the best actors and actresses in Hollywood playing roles throughout the series, you will not only fall in love with the movie but also the magnificently written soundtrack.

I hope you enjoy this movie series as much as I did growing up.

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This Family Friendly "Montana Town" Is Frozen In Time

One of the coolest places to check out in Montana is the "Old Montana" town of Nevada City. Located just on the other side of Virginia City, Nevada City is the perfect example of what life was like back during the gold rush in the 1800s.

With several different buildings to tour and friendly folks to guide you through your visit, as well as tell you the stories of the times, Nevada City is not only educational but fun for the whole family.

Yellowstone Actor, Kevin Costner Rents Out 160 Acre Ranch

Kevin Costner recently stated that he would be renting out his Aspen, Colorado home. Don't get me wrong, the "Dunbar Ranch" is beautiful. Sitting on 160 acres of land, the ranch comes with many perks.

You will be able to enjoy fly fishing on the river, a lazy day next to the lake, and a game of baseball on the private baseball field just to list a few of the extra amenities.

Montana has a handful of celebrities that own homes here in Big Sky Country. Is this going to be a new trend among the elite?

For $36,000 per night, you could book a spectacular stay at Costner's Aspen Ranch Home.

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