If I'm hoping for anything, it's that this film will be showed in theaters locally.

Collider announced that a new film from IFC, titled God's Country, will open in theaters on Friday, September 16th. The film was shot in Paradise Valley, down the road from Bozeman.

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God's Country is about a college professor who has recently relocated to Montana. She wants to keep some local hunters off her land—that is, until she finds out that she might be the next one to be hunted. 

We talked about this movie back in January when it premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. Back then, the film didn't have a distributor or a release date yet. 

The movie stars Thandiwe Newton, who you might recognize from HBO's WestworldMission Impossible 2, or countless other movies and TV shows. The film also stars Jefferson White, who you will recognize as Jimmy from the hit TV show Yellowstone

The trailer, which was released today, is thrilling. This looks like it'll be an intense film from beginning to end. Watch it below. 

Several high-profile films have recently been shot in Montana, including the most recent Montana Story, which could be an awards contender come this winter. 

Movies like God's Country will only help get higher profile film projects to come to our state. Over the past few years, Paradise Valley has seen many independent films, from Westerns to dramas. 

God's Country comes out on September 16th. Are you going to watch it?

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