If you didn't hear, last week popular downtown restaurant Toro closed, catching many people by surprise.

It's a shame but this also means we could see something new and fresh in that space.

The location is good, but the next business needs to set themselves apart from other downtown restaurants/bars.

Here are a few ideas for what could be next in the old Toro location.

  • 1

    Country Bar

    A straight up country bar with country music and a huge dance floor. This would be a huge hit downtown.

  • 2

    Asian Restaurant

    We need something that is a change of pace downtown. Even though we have some great restaurants that offer different cuisines, a new spin on food would be nice.

  • 3

    Classic Arcade Bar

    Who wouldn't want to get together with their friends and go have a few drinks and play pinball, Frogger, or Mortal Kombat? Places like this are becoming more popular and could be a great addition to downtown.

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