Well, I think West Yellowstone is just going to keep getting more popular.

Credit:Natalie Kochina/Getty Images

We all know that West Yellowstone is one of the best places to go visit with the wildlife, scenery and how inexpensive it is. Well, apparently the website TripAdvisor agrees with us. TripAdvisor released the America's Top 50 Hot Spots and West Yellowstone ranks 8th on the list.

West Yellowstone ranks so high for a multitude of reasons. West Yellowstone has pretty decent hotel prices, week-long expenses are really low and the park is open for a huge amount of time, so there are different times when you can visit. These are all great reasons why the attendance for Yellowstone National Park has consistently risen year after year.

Credit:Patrick Walsh/Getty Images

Looking over this list, though, I think I am more surprised there aren't more places in Montana on this list. Montana has a lot to offer during the summer with so many national parks, lakes, rivers and so much more. Though I know there are certain Montana residents that will be mad that West Yellowstone is so high on the list and glad there isn't any other place in Montana on the list. They want to keep hidden how great Montana is and this does help a little.

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