Want to see something you won't see anywhere else in America? We might have an idea.

Many folks love visiting Montana. People plan trips to visit national or state parks, lakes, or cities. Some attractions in Montana entice travelers with different details. Some places are family-friendly, educational, or out of place.

Most attractions in Montana display gorgeous natural wonders like the Lewis & Clark Caverns or a place to meditate like The Garden of A Thousand Buddhas.

Big Sky Country has a few attractions linked to what life was like in Montana during the early days.

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There are ghost towns like Bannack or battlefields like Little Bighorn but there is one attraction that is a cool throwback in Montana's history and a little weird.

Ewarm Garden of One Thousand Buddhas via Facebook
Ewarm Garden of One Thousand Buddhas via Facebook

Thrillist believes Havre's Beneath the Street is the weirdest roadside attraction in Montana.

Havre Beneath The Streets via Facebook
Havre Beneath The Streets via Facebook

What is Havre's Beneath the Street? In the 1800s, Montanan towns had to be creative during the winters. It was hard to get around, and people needed a way to conduct business.

What did they do? They built an underground town.

Businesses and folks built tunnels and spaces for saloons, stores, and more. Folks could walk around and stay dry from the harsh winter.

Havre Beneath The Streets via Facebook
Havre Beneath The Streets via Facebook

The underground town is still intact, and the tour has fun activities for customers. You can enjoy a drink at the saloon and enjoy your surroundings.

If Havre seems far away, you could head to Butte. They have an underground town that will blow you away.

We wouldn't say this is the weirdest attraction in Montana, but a neat part of history everyone would enjoy.

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