This machine might interest you if you want to make your hotel or resort more fun for young adults or kids.

The summer of fun has hit Montana, and everyone is looking for a place to cool off. Folks will head to Montana rivers and lakes to swim, relax, or have fun.

Most people will float or fish on the rivers, but Montana's lakes are where you can have the most fun.

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Montana's lakes are big, long, and perfect for any water vehicle. Folks go tubing, waterboarding, or cruising in a pontoon to enjoy what's around them.

Photo by Maxi Am Brunnen via Unsplash
Photo by Maxi Am Brunnen via Unsplash

Several hotels and resorts are on Montana's lakes, like Flathead, Fort Peck, and others. Each resort or hotel has amenities for customers, like jet skis, boats, and maybe waterslides.

These amenities are to help people get into the water and enjoy their vacation.

There might be a new feature some Montana hotels and resorts would want to add for young adults and teenagers looking to carve some waves.

Photo by Marvin Meyer via Unsplash
Photo by Marvin Meyer via Unsplash

Montana is landlocked, and many folks from the coast might miss out on shredding ocean waves.

Lake waves don't get big enough for surfers, but what if you could create waves? Check this out.

A company called UNIT Surf Pool has created technology for lakes to create a wave pool. Check out the video.

This invention uses hydraulic pumps to create waves for folks to surf in a safe atmosphere. These units can be situated right next to docks to be easily accessible.

The only downside is getting this unit out of the water before the winter, but this could be a massive asset for a city or resort to add to their lakeside.

Do you think this would be a fantastic addition to Montana lakes? Let us know.

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