A camping trip turned into a very memorable experience for a family in central Montana on Friday, July 23.

On Monday, Alex Borchert shared footage of the experience on the Montanica Facebook page.

Ever seen a deer eat a hotdog! He straight stole my dinner!

We reached out to Alex to get the full story and here's what she had to say.

We were just out camping and while making dinner, the deer ended up coming through our camp and thought he'd join us for some food! It was July 23 near Monarch, Montana! He made several visits during the weekend! Was an awesome experience!

The weirdest part about the video is that deer aren't known as meat-eaters. Deer are generally herbivores but have been known to eat meat on occasion. Usually, it's fish, dead birds, and sometimes even live birds. Who knew that deer have a taste for hotdogs?

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We want to thank Alex for letting us share her story and video. Hopefully, you enjoy watching the video as much as we did. Make sure you keep your food safely secured if you are camping in Montana. Much of the state is bear country. Never leave food, garbage, cookware, coolers, etc. unattended in campsites. Also, don’t leave food scraps in fire pits or barbecues.

What kind of deer eats hotdogs?!

Borchert can be heard saying in the video.

In the post, Borchert clarified she knows not to feed wildlife. She attempted to scare the deer off multiple times but was unsuccessful. The deer came into the camp, snatched the hotdog off the grill, and then. She said that the deer eventually returned for seconds, but she had cleared the table by then.

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