This man was not only hilarious but one of the most incredible coaches in Montana football history.

If you have lived in Montana for a while, and know the sports scene know that for a good part of over twenty years there was one man who was the head coach for Montana Tech and was not only successful but also one of the funniest men ever. That man was Bob Green.

Bob Green was the head coach for Montana Tech from 1987 through 2010 and was one enigmatic coach. Not only was he successful leading Montana Tech to multiple appearances in the NAIA playoffs, but also incredibly hilarious. Bob Green quotes before or after games are legendary. Don't believe me? Watch this video from TikTok where he is declared the funniest coach in college football history.

@adampfaris The funniest CFB coach ever #collegefootball #cfb #football #gameday ♬ Blue Blood - Heinz Kiessling & Various Artists

Credit: Adam P Faris via TikTok

Bob Green would pull these one-liners out of thin air and would instantly make you laugh uncontrollably. Bob Green was a man who could not only inspire his players but rally fans around and cheer them on.

I was lucky enough to meet Bob Green when I was in high school and went to a Montana Tech football camp. Coach Green was a kind man but always spoke his mind, and my God the one-liners were never-ending. You could see why players were always big fans of the man. Coach Green was a fantastic man and coach, and that's why he had great success.

Coach Bob Green is still around involved with Montana Tech. Montana Tech University even named the new field after him after all the success he had at the school. That honor is well deserved, and if you ever get to meet Bob Green in person, get ready to laugh.

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