This may be one of the most brilliant products I have ever seen, and the company is based here in Bozeman. 

Almost everyone in Montana owns a tumbler thermos. Whether you have a Yeti, Hydro Flask, or any other brand, I almost guarantee that if you open your trunk, there is probably one rambling around. 

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Though we normally use tumblers for warm coffee or cold water, this Bozeman company knows that tumblers have the potential for much more.

FlasKap is a Bozeman-based company that manufactures a specialized cap that fits most tumblers, and allows you to mix a drink in inconvenient places. The cap itself holds your alcohol, keeping it separate from the liquid in the body of the tumbler. A button allows you to slowly mix the two liquids, so you don't over-pour your alcohol, and can make several drinks from one cap-ful. It's genius!

As someone who has many friends who use tumblers for camping, softball tournaments, or general shenanigans, this is a perfect addition. 

TheFlasKap via Instagram
TheFlasKap via Instagram

This product is truly one of a kind. It's amazing how adaptable the cap is to tumblers currently on the market. Plus, it's cool that this invention was created and based here in Bozeman. 

Many local businesses carry FlasKap, and I have a feeling this will be my new stocking stuffer or birthday gift for many of my friends. 

For more details, check out FlasKap

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