We all want to look our best for big events, though we all make fashion mistakes. 

Yesterday, the Big Sky Country State Fair kicked off with a T.I. concert, and it was a blast. Concerts tend to have an interesting fashion atmosphere, with lots of both great and unusual clothing choices. It got me thinking that there are a few particular fashion faux pas that I see consistently, that just don’t mesh with the nature of an outdoor Montana event. 

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I thought some general advice might be helpful for those planning to attend a Montana event in the future. So here are some tips that will keep you comfortable and help you fit in with the locals.

  • No White Shoes—If you want to make sure your stuff stays clean, avoid wearing white. Rodeo grounds and some concert venues have dirt grounds, and your shoes will go from white to dusty brown. That’s why we like a nice pair of sturdy cowboy boots!
  • No Flip Flops or Sandals—If you don't want your feet to get dirty, avoid wearing these types of shoes. Plus, if you are dancing, you don't want your toes getting stepped on—especially by someone wearing cowboy boots.
  • Don't Wear Jerseys—Listen, we all understand everyone loves certain NBA, MLB, or NFL teams, but why would you wear a jersey to a concert? It looks tacky, and no one cares if you love the Yankees. 
  • Avoid Fancy Dresses—Montana tends to lean more toward casual, and events can get rowdy. It may be better to save your nice cocktail dress for a more formal event, that doesn’t include lots of dust and swing dancing.
  • Swap out your flat-bill hat—Montana is the land of cowboy hats and baseball caps. No hate to anyone’s hat style, but locals do tend to stick to the same worn-in baseball cap.
  • Stick to flat shoes—A lot of Montana events are outside and on rough terrain that simply doesn’t mesh with high heels. No need to roll an ankle in a gopher hole.

These are just a few of the no-go areas you should avoid when you are planning your outfit for a Montana event. If you’re worried, a nice shirt and pair of jeans never fails. Especially during the summer, most events will be outdoors, and you want to make sure you have the best time. 

Photo by Abhay Siby Mathew via Unsplash
Photo by Abhay Siby Mathew via Unsplash

Let us know if you have any other Montana fashion no-go's!

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