Nothing is better during the summer than an outdoor concert with good friends and beautiful weather. 

Last night the Big Sky Country State Fair kicked off with a fantastic concert from Willie Jones and hip hop icon T.I. Both performers were incredible, and the crowd danced the night away. 

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Willie Jones is a hick-hop artist out of Nashville, Tennessee, and got the crowd involved with every single song he was performing. It was his first time in Montana, and he crushed his show. His songs were all upbeat and easy to sing along with. After his set, he stuck around, signed autographs, and hung out with locals partying the night away. Willie made a great impression on the Gallatin Valley and gained a lot of fans last night. 

After Willie Jones' show, the crowd started to fill up the rodeo grounds, and about 20 minutes later, T.I. came on stage. 

T.I. kicked off his concert with high energy, and everyone in attendance was having a great time. T.I performed every massive hit in his catalog, along with some songs that were catchy and fun. 

This concert was a fantastic way to kick off the Big Sky Country State Fair, and the attendance for a Wednesday show was overwhelming. Everyone from the rodeo floor to the people hanging out in the stands had smiles on their faces. 

We can't wait to see what will be the kickoff concert for next year's Big Sky Country State Fair. 

Check out the photos from the show last night below. 

T.I. Concert at the Big Sky Country State Fair

Missed out on the kickoff concert for the 2022 Big Sky Country State Fair? Here are photos of both Willie Jones and T.I. Enjoy!

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