Well... we are not in the worst state, so that helps right? Ok, so to give you the full picture of how states get these numbers here is how they do it. The state uses the latest FBI arrest numbers, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration stats on fatal vehicle crashes, and then lastly the U.S. Census data to get a ranking. Here are the Top 10 per 100,000 population.

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10. Wisconson: With 24,368 DUI arrests, 199 fatalities, and an increase of 5.3% the Cheese state comes in at number ten on the list. I have family from here, and I can tell you, these Packers fans like the adult beverages from time to time.

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9. Alaska: The Last Frontier State comes in at number 9. With 3,148 DUI arrests, 29 fatalities, and a 31% decrease in DUI fatalities. Good job Alaska on getting those numbers down!

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8. South Carolina: 15,188 DUI arrests, 291 fatalities, and a 4.6% decrease in DUI fatalities, The Palmetto State is still not very impressive even with a decrease in some numbers.

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7. North Carolina: The highest number of arrests in the top ten with 27,915. 421 fatalities and a 5% increase in DUI fatalities. This is not good North Carolina!

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6. New Mexico: 6,464 DUI arrests, 108 fatalities, and a decrease in fatalities with 4.4%, New Mexico's numbers have decreased.

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5. Mississippi: Halfway on this list is Mississippi. 5,370 arrests, 163 fatalities, and an increase in DUI fatalities with 6.5%.

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4. North Dakota: Well...our neighbor state has made the top 5. 5,136 arrests, 29 fatalities, and a 38% decrease in DUI fatalities.

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3. MONTANA: Here we are...top three. That's NOT GOOD. 3,794 arrests, 79 fatalities, and a whopping 38.6% increase in DUI fatalities, we gotta do better.

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2. South Dakota: Edging in at #2. 5,891 arrests, 45 fatalities, and a 25% increase in DUI fatalities, this Dakota better rethink before getting behind the wheel.

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1. Wyoming: Coming in at number one, Wyoming has 3,432 arrests, 34 fatalities, and a decrease of 26% in DUI fatalities.

Let's get smarter when we are getting behind the wheel.

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