With snow coming down in Bozeman and the Bobcats playing their last regular-season home game, what does Bobcat Stadium look like? Here is a quick video to show what is happening while we are all working.

The Bobcats are taking on Idaho Saturday with a 1 pm kickoff. Come out and tailgate with XL Country for your chance to win a $107 gift card to Town Pump! We will draw a winner Monday morning.

You can bring nonperishable items with you to the game and drop them off with us at our tailgate. We are definitely going to CAN THE GRIZ this year. You can join XL Country AND MSU Office of Student Engagement for all the fun. We will have some fun CAN THE GRIZ swag to give away at the game, as well!

The Gallatin Valley Food Bank works hard every year making sure that our community has meals for themselves and their families. As a community, we work hard to take care of one another. With help from the whole community, we are able to make holiday dinners, one to remember.

For more information on how to donate to CAN THE GRIZ, become a volunteer in our community for the Gallatin Valley Food Bank, or how to give a monetary donation go to Canthegriz.com OR Gallitonvalleyfoodbank.org.


We will see YOU at the game on Saturday! GO BOBCATS!

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