The real estate market in Montana has been crazy busy and if you are smart and savvy, you could be making a lot of money.

Wallet Hub came out with a list of the Best Places to Flip Houses in America and two Montana cities not only landed on the list but they landed in the Top 15. The two cities that landed on the list were Billings, which landed at #11, and Missoula, which landed #2(!) for the best place to flip houses. That's incredible!

If you don't know what flipping houses mean, essentially someone buys a house that needs a little work, fixes them up quickly, and then sells the house above what they bought the house for and spent on supplies to fix it. There have been many shows that show how to flip houses easily and make money.

Missoula and Billings landed extremely high on the list due to several factors. The reason why they landed so high was Market Potential and that explains a lot. The market potential of both Billings and Missoula is huge. Both are two of the biggest cities in Montana and have a lot of houses that are easily flippable.

Bozeman didn't make the list probably because the cost of flipping houses would be huge but getting work done could take longer than expected with all the current and future construction. So we aren't surprised any place in the Gallatin Valley made the list.

For more details, check out Wallet Hub.

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