Of course, I do all of these things except one....! I found this list from AskMen. Com and had to share it because well don't we all want to be looking good?

So here it goes the Top Four Habits that can ruin your looks-

1) Smoking- it says we know this already but the damage to your skin is worse than you think.  When you smoke free radicals form and damage your DNA resulting in bad skin with deep wrinkles.

2) Tanning- too much tanning results in leathery, wrinkled skin. Every year there are 70,000 cases of melanoma in America.

3) Too Much Drinking-  alcohol dehydrates you which makes your skin wrinkly and the article says even just one night of binge drinking will make the lines on your face more defined the next day.

4) Touching Your Face- we know that our hands pick up all kinds of dirt, grease and bacteria and all that touching your face does not result in anything positive.

Well there it is the top four habits that can ruin your looks.....I better change some habits!!!!