The show comes from TV legend David E. Kelly and is based on a series of books set in Montana.

Deadline is reporting that the ABC show 'Big Sky' has added a pretty big actor ahead of season two that will play a pivotal role in the story. Logan Marshall-Green, famously from movies such as Prometheus and Spider-Man: Homecoming, will be playing an undercover cop in Helena, Montana, who has a past with the main characters.

That is a welcome addition to the cast of 'Big Sky'. The first season dealt with a serial killer who abducted girls near Yellowstone National Park and was a hit with many folks. The only problem many folks had with the show 'Big Sky' is that the whole first season was filmed in Vancouver, Canada, which looks nothing like Montana.

So I have good news and bad news. The good news is that they will be moving the show 'Big Sky' out of Vancouver. The bad news, they will be shooting on location in New Mexico. That is just absolutely ridiculous.

Listen, Vancouver I can deal with because at least that is in the Pacific Northwest but New Mexico? That looks nothing like Helena, Montana, or the surrounding area. Why wouldn't they try to film the show in Montana? Are we not good enough for the ABC show?

All I know is if your show is set in Montana, wouldn't you want to try and film the show in Montana as much as possible to actually get the real setting. That's just me.

For more details, check out Deadline.

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