You know the problem has to be getting worse when our mayor has to go to Congress and ask for help.

The Bozeman Daily Chronicle wrote an article about how the mayor of Bozeman went to Congress and talked before Senators about how housing issues are becoming a huge problem in our town. The mayor pleaded for the Senators to invest in long-term affordable projects. Both Montana's Senators Steve Daines and Jon Tester were present and asked her questions.

Here's the thing I have a problem with this. Bozeman has known for several years about the issues with housing here in the city and how it's essentially becoming harder and harder to afford to live here. Whether you are lower or middle class, prices for housing, condos, townhomes, and apartments are skyrocketing and the city has done nothing to curb the problem.

They wonder why businesses are having trouble finding employees to work and they don't realize that a living wage in Bozeman is extremely high. The City of Bozeman should have had this issue resolved years ago and made plans to help out. Now they are playing catch up and are looking at Congress to help them out and even though that might help, in the short term it's going to be a problem still.

The whole Gallatin Valley has been struggling with this housing crisis and we are still nowhere near a solution. As much as I applaud the mayor of Bozeman going to Congress to talk about the problems here in our city, the city needs to get a move on and make some moves themselves. That's just me though.

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