Looking for a weekend getaway that will make you love the beauty of Montana but also be environmentally safe but also feel like you are living in a space ship? Well we have the place for you to check out.

Unofficial Networks just released an article on this rental that's available in Big Sky and it's called an 'Earthship'. This place looks absolutely wild.

This 'Earthship' with is located in Big Sky and is an ultra efficient home with that's a bit off the grid but has modern day amenities that will make you love your vacation even more.

This place catches it's own rain water, generates it's own electricity and moderates it's own temperature all year with out a furnace. This place is incredible. The thing is this place also has WiFi, a flat screen with Netflix, a fridge/freezer and many more modern day amenities that will help accommodate you.

Oh I seem to forget to mention this place also has a sauna. This 'Earthship' literally has everything.

The views alone of this place would be worth the price. The place is $299 a night. That might seem steep but with the views, the isolation and trying out something new seems totally worth the price in my mind.

I would honestly use this place maybe for a weekend getaway from the city and go with some friends and just have a great time. I want to book this place as soon as possible.

If you want more details, check out the YouTube channel on the 'Earthship'.

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