When you're looking to rent an apartment in the Bozeman area, you need lightning-fast reflexes, perfect paperwork, and a ton of money. You'll be forking out far more than the price of an ounce of gold every month.

(Sure, the price of gold fluctuates...in the last year it has been everywhere from $1,700 to $2,000 an ounce. As of this writing, it's at $1,756. Just for a little perspective.)

There's another important point to make before we go much further: 1 bedroom places are less of a "bargain" than 2 or 3 bedroom places. Sharing the apartment or condo will generally keep your share much lower than if you needed to live in just a 1 bedroom. Total price is higher with more bedrooms, but your individual share is generally lower.

Christian Mackie - Unsplash
Christian Mackie - Unsplash

Everyone knows it's expensive around here but it looks like we've just reached epic proportions. The students are back and they've spent the last several weeks locking up a bunch of inventory which makes perfect sense.  But we're not just talking about college kids. Life keeps moving for all of us and anyone looking for a new rental is not in an enviable position.

As of this writing, the least expensive 1 bedroom/1 bathroom apartment in Bozeman was 762 square feet and cost $2,000 per month.

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Now, I WILL say this: Bozeman's most available rentals are pretty full of amenities. That doesn't mean you want or need all of them but they are included in some of these hefty rent prices. Air conditioning, high-speed internet and wi-fi, new appliances, community/game rooms, washer/dryers, bike rooms, walk-in closets, etc. (Although, I don't know how big your walk-in can be if the whole apt is less than 800 square feet.)

In August of 2022 while looking for an apartment, condo, or townhouse, there are two strikes against you already. First, if you're not an MSU student, there are a couple of options on the lower end of the price spectrum that are not available to you. The second factor is obvious: the available inventory is low since the students are back.

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