If you are a person that loves listening and collecting vinyl records, this spot is a must go to in Montana.

So here in Bozeman we have a few pretty great record shops. Cactus Records in downtown Bozeman is a great spot. They have some of the best new top vinyl's you can get. Plus, their used collection is rock solid. Then there is the recently new Wax Museum in Bozeman. Their vinyl records are mostly in old school punk and some classics and their used section is pretty incredible if you are looking for classic rock or country.

Both of these spots are great but there is a place in Montana that has one of the biggest and fantastic collections of vinyl record's I have ever seen and luckily it's a pleasant drive to get there.

In Missoula, most people know Rocking Rudy's for great gifts and a huge music selection(my dad would go here every time we visited) and I honestly thought that was the only music store in Missoula. That was until my brother introduced me to my new favorite spot. Ear Candy Music.

Credit: Ear Candy Music via Instagram

This was just before Christmas and my brother wanted to go pickup a vinyl real quick and I went with him, not thinking I was going to see much. Then I walked in the store and this place was incredible. Literal wall to wall filled with vinyl records. From punk to rock to new and used, this place had everything and if they didn't they could probably order it for you.

We spent almost an hour in there looking at records and I decided right then and there I was going to start my vinyl collection and I picked up something I have never seen on vinyl. Childish Gambino's EP was an album I listened to constantly when I was in college and I walked up to the register grinning ear to ear so happy.

Vinyl records are something that people who love music can hold onto and pass on to their kids(I have my grandma's vinyl records and my brother has been going through my dad's insane collection) and the music sounds more pure.

If you are ever in Missoula, give Ear Candy Music a stop.

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