There aren't many movies set in Montana, which is a shame because we have the scenery that would make jaws drop. We have had pretty big movies film here though from A River Runs Through It to Legends of the Fall to Dances With Wolves. The thing is what is the best film set in Montana? Well thanks to Thrillist we have our answer., made a list of the Best Movies Set in Every State and for Montana that is the classic film Thunderbolt and Lightfoot. Never heard of it? Well, neither did I but once I check out the Wikipedia page for Thunderbolt and Lightfoot it made me want to watch it right away. The 1974 movie is about bank robbers in Montana and stars Clint Eastwood and Jeff Bridges. Plus, it's directed by Michael Cimino, who went on to win a Best Director Oscar the next year for The Deer Hunter.

That film sounds awesome, especially when I found out they filmed all over the state. From Great Falls to Choteau to Wolf Point. They really covered all of the beauty of Montana. So when you are trying to figure out what to watch next, maybe you should give Thunderbolt and Lightfoot a go.

Credit:United Artists Corporation
Credit:United Artists Corporation

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