If there is one thing you don't want to happen to a business in the winter, it's this problem.

If there is one industry the people of Montana love more than others, it has to be the craft brewery scene. Montana has incredible breweries that can be found in large cities or small towns. The Gallatin Valley alone has over ten breweries you can check out daily, and each one offers a variety of beers to enjoy.

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Montanans love our breweries, and we never want to see anything horrible happen to them. That's why when I saw this news, my heart broke.

KBZK reports that the popular brewery Flathead Lake Brewing Company has been shut down due to an unforeseen circumstance. The circumstance is a pipe that burst and poured thousands of gallons of water. The water destroyed the kitchen, walls, and other parts of the building.

Flathead Lake Brewing Co via Facebook
Flathead Lake Brewing Co via Facebook

The damage has shut down a portion of the brewery since December 2022, and the staff is hard at work trying to fix the damaged areas quickly as they can. Right now, Flathead Lake Brewing Company hasn't announced a reopening date because it could take months of renovation.

Flathead Lake Brewing Co. via Facebook
Flathead Lake Brewing Co. via Facebook

I was fortunate enough to have had several beers and meals at Flathead Lake Brewing Company's spot in Bigfork, and the experience was incredible. The views, the drinks, and the atmosphere were top-notch.

I hope the Flathead Lake Brewing Company can reopen before the summer to recoup some of the money they've lost. This brewery is one of the best in Montana and has had its beer enjoyed by thousands of people. We wish them a speedy renovation.

For more details, check out KBZK.

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