If you are visiting the area please be courteous and respectful to your surroundings because you might not realize what you are doing.

We are fully into tourist season here in the Gallatin Valley and there have already been some incidents from tourists that not only I have encountered but good friends that can be extremely frustrating. So here are some things that can grind Bozeman citizen's gears from tourists.

  • Please Be Courteous at Crosswalks-Please do not stand in the middle of crosswalks to have full-on conversations or to stop to take pictures especially during busy times of the day. We are all trying to get to places and being courteous and hurrying across the crosswalk is very accommodating. Also, please don't cross the crosswalk in front of cars trying to make a turn. It's very rude.
  • Don't Get Near Wildlife-I know that this is pretty straightforward but if you see folks in Yellowstone or in the backcountry trying to get closer to wildlife to take better pics or, god forbid, pet them please remind them to stay away. We've already had way too many animal incidents so far this summer.
  • Don't Freak Out On Restaurant Wait Times-A lot of local restaurants don't take reservations and are first-come, first-serve. The problem is many of these restaurants are the best in the Gallatin Valley and you might end up waiting quite a long time before you can sit down. Just remember, these restaurants are doing the best that they can with their limited staff so don't take your anger out on them.

These are just a few things that can frustrate locals on a daily basis and honestly, they are pretty simple problems to solve. If we all can stick together and be courteous, this could be a fun summer.

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