Might have to delay your plans a little bit longer if you want to travel to our northern neighbor.

The Points Guy is reporting that even though things have been looking positive with folks getting vaccinated and COVID-19 cases dropping, the border between Canada and the United States will remain closed through at least Wednesday, July 21st.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and President Joe Biden have been discussing reopening the border between the two friendly countries and have made progress but Canada is still hesitant about reopening the border too soon.

Dimitar Donovski via Unsplash
Dimitar Donovski via Unsplash

The only folks that will be able to travel to Canada are a select few such as Canadian residents, permanent residents, and immediate family members of Canadian citizens but even then folks will have to take a COVID-19 test and if negative will quarantine for fourteen days.

The reason why the border hasn't reopened is due to Canada has had a rough time rolling out vaccines to their general public and has been hesitant to reopening the border to protect itself. Which is understandable.

I'm one of many folks that can't wait for the border between Montana and Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan to reopen because Canada is a great place to visit during this summer. Plus, most of the time a trip to Canada is cheap and a great road trip.

Hopefully, the border between Montana and Canada will open by the fall because Banff will be fantastic this year for skiing and snowboarding.

For more details, check out The Points Guy.

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