If Montana made safety videos like this, I guarantee there would be more folks wearing their bike helmets for safety.

During the pleasant months of Montana, you will see many folks out and about on their bikes in the Gallatin Valley. They will be hitting up the trails or streets and many of them sadly won't be wearing bike helmets which can be very dangerous. Today I came across a fantastic bike helmet safety video from Denmark and let's just say not only is it informative, but hilarious. Here's the video.

As you can tell, these Vikings are about to go out and take on England but their leader needs to put on his helmet. Even though he doesn't want to mess up his hair and he is a 'safe rider' he is still persuaded to wear his helmet for safety. I love it and it's hilarious.

If you didn't know bike helmets aren't required in Montana but everyone should be wearing a helmet when riding their bike. The trails and roads can be dangerous for bike riders, especially in Bozeman, because you aren't supposed to ride your bikes on the sidewalks and you can get a citation for it. So that means bikes need to follow the same rules as vehicles and most of the time they don't.

So please, when you are out on your bike, even though the helmet might not look 'cool', it will definitely keep you safe. Still have fun though!

At least the commercial can bring a smile to our face.

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