Most cities across America have some parking lots that most people can agree are tough to navigate and Bozeman is no exception.

Here are some local parking lots that we think are headaches.

Rosauers: This parking lot itself isn't designed poorly, but the bank in the east side of the lot is in an awkward spot and can make things difficult to say the least.

Smith's Grocery: There is a lot going on in this area. Not only is Smith's a popular grocery store, but there are numerous other businesses sharing the lot making this a mad scramble at times. Plus, is it just us, or does it seem like this store attracts people who walk into the street after exiting the store without breaking stride, regardless of whether there is a car about ready hit them? Drivers, be alert.

Old Hastings/Future Hobby Lobby: There are massive pot holes near both entrances/exits and the entire thing needs to be resurfaced.

Town & Country on 19th: Not only is it small, but getting in and out of this place can be tough. Good luck turning north on 19th during a busy morning or afternoon.

Costco: The southeast entrance/exit makes this parking lot a total nightmare when busy, which is most of the day. Drivers can find some relief by using the southwest entrance/exit by the gas pumps.

CVS: This parking lot is just too small to accommodate all of the cars that park here for not only CVS, but Chipotle and Panda Express.

These are definitely some of the tougher parking lots to navigate around Bozeman. Vote below and let us know if you have one in mind that causes you to pull out your hair.


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