Sometimes a side dish or a whole meal, we can all agree french fries are always a great choice to eat.

Redbook came out with a list of the Best French Fries in Every State and honestly, I think there are some clearly better choices in Montana. Redbook chose The Burger Dive in Billings, Montana and their garlic fries. The Burger Dive does have fantastic garlic fries but there are clearly other great spots in the state of Montana that deserve more recognition.

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Fries come in so many varieties and shapes from steak, waffle and even sweet potato fries are some people's favorites, I have to hard pass on those. Fries are always such a great addition to a meal and can the dish so much better. Plus, they are easier to share with a group of friends as well. Everyone loves fries. So where are the best fries in the state of Montana?

There are a few spots here in Bozeman that should be heavily considered. Backcountry Burger Bar has delicious fresh cut fries and some sources that take their taste up a notch. Brewsker's also has Philly Cheesesteak Fries that are essentially their own meal. Plus, you can't go wrong with cheese, onions and steak on fries. Korner Club in Four Corners also has great parmesan garlic fries. Then finally, one of my personal favorite spots for fries in Bozeman is The Pourhouse Bar and Grill. They have those thin fries and are always seasoned perfectly with salt. They just hit the spot.

Any other spot in Montana that has fantastic fries we forgot about? Let me know.

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