This could bring huge changes for so many of the colleges and universities in Montana not only for athletes for spectators as well.

406 MT Sports is reporting the there have been two bills introduced that could shift collegiate athletics and spectating in Montana as we know them currently and this would be absolutely wild if this happens.

First off, Senate Bill 247 would colleges and universities, from Montana State University to tribal colleges in the state of Montana, to serve beer and win at college sporting events.

Then Senate Bill 248 would allow student-athletes at these same schools to be compensated for use of their names, likeness and image.

Angelika Kagan/Getty Images
Angelika Kagan/Getty Images

This absolutely huge for the state of Montana, Let's dig into Bill 248 first, allow athletes like football and basketball players to be compensated for their likeness is a huge deal. They can earn money while their are in college and we all know how MSU football and basketball players are beloved in our community and they can at least make a little money while their are here. The thing is this whole idea is resisted by the NCAA but they might have to make changes sooner than they think. Many states have moved forward with legislations just like this.

Bill 247 seems like an absolute slam dunk though. Allowing the sale of beer and wine at collegiate events seems like that should have been done quite a while ago. This would actually help bring in more revenue to the schools. Just think about how much more rowdier the Brawl of the Wild could be.

I personally think both bills should pass but Senate Bill 248 could be debated for quite a while so we will keep you updated when we get more information if they pass or not.

For more details, check out 406 MT Sports.

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