You know it's winter in Bozeman when folks start to complain about the road conditions around town. While most Bozemanites may mutter under their breath about the roads, they don't appreciate someone not from the area complaining about them.

I was out in public the other day and I overheard someone suggest a solution to clear the roads of snow and ice. Even though it was a ridiculous suggestion, the person was serious. I started to laugh, which resulted in an awkward stare in my direction.

So I decided to do a little research to see if I could find other silly but serious suggestions about how to clear Bozeman roads during winter.  Here are the Top 3.

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Place Solar Panels On The Roads

I understand that everything we can do to help Mother Earth is important, and while I'm not ready to get rid of my gas-guzzlin' SUV and drive one of those fancy electric cars, I'm also a believer that we should be good stewards of the planet. However, when I came across someone's suggestion that we should just line the roads and highways around Bozeman with solar panels, I had to shake my head. Doesn't seem entirely realistic.

Solar panels on buildings reflect the city. 3d rendering and illustration.

Use Thermal Power From Yellowstone To Heat The Roads

This was the suggestion that I giggled at and then received the stare of death over. The person thought there was no reason we couldn't just tap into all of the thermal properties at Yellowstone National Park and somehow do some sort of underground pipeline that would then in turn make sure that all of the roads and streets around town would melt off snow and ice.

Morning Glory Pool in Yellowstone National Park of Wyoming, USA

Just Let The Animals Take Care Of It

This might be one of the stupidest ideas I've ever come across. I would like to think that whoever came up with it isn't actually from Montana, or they were drunk when they posted it. "We should just cover the roads in the overnight hours with stuff animals will eat and let them take care of it." I can't even begin to wonder what in the world goes through the person's head that suggested this. It's ideas like this that make me think we're screwed as a society.


So there you have it, three ideas to take care of the roads this winter in Bozeman.  Personally, I'm more of the traditional plow type of guy, but I will be honest, that whole thermal pipeline thing is kind of growing on me.

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