A lot of us would like to own a house one day without paying an arm and a leg for it.

When buying a house you want to make sure you are getting a great deal but sometimes you also want to make sure it's affordable. If you haven't seen a recent report, Gallatin Valley house prices are still pretty high. So are there places around the state were it's affordable to buy a house.

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Thanks to MSN Money, they actually have three locations in Montana where buying a typical house won't break the bank.

The three cheapest places to buy a house in Montana are:

  • Helena, $291,000
  • Great Falls, $200,000
  • Billings $262,000

Those three cities are extremely lower compared to the Gallatin Valley's median price for a single family home at $550,000. That is simply outrageous.

When it comes to real estate where we live right now is one of the hottest places for people to move to. The real estate market was high before the COVID-19 pandemic but now the market has exploded due to folks trying to get away from the hot bed areas of high cases. The problem is this is going to cause more folks who have lived here or are going to school here to move away because it's simply unlivable to buy a house long term.

To be honest, I have had this same dilemma. I love living here in Bozeman and there is no way I can afford to buy a house here and that truly breaks my heart.

For more details on the cheapest places to buy a home in Montana, check out MSN Money. 

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