The vibe is different downtown now.

Last Saturday, I decided that now that some of the bars and restaurants could open up with limited capacity I should go see what the new bar experience is like.

It was weird and odd but familiar.

Rocking R Bar and Bar IX have set up their spots to try and make it as normal as possible, other than you can't sit or order from the bar. You have to be at a table to order.

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When you walk into the Rocking R, they had a hostess table set up to sit people and made sure you weren't disobeying the over six people per table rule.

Bar IX had tables staggered all the way to the back and made sure no one was standing around mingling with other tables. You can't change tables when you walk in.

As the night went on, both spots started to get more busy because of small grad parties that wanted to grab a drink but they ran into a problem. All the tables were essentially filled up at both R Bar and Bar IX.

If you don't have a place to sit, you will have to go somewhere else.

Sadly, most of the bars downtown are still working on opening up.

I do applaud both Bar IX and Rocking R for making sure people were sitting down and abiding by the guidelines put in place by the county. They are working with what they are given and they are making the most of it.

The Pourhouse is planning on opening up tomorrow, May 13th and no word yet on when El Camino, Room 1, or even Kitty Warren will be opening back up.

Even though things are changed right now, the bars downtown will adapt and overcome this crisis because they are still the place where you can get together with your friends and have a drink, food and share a laugh during this tough time.

So if you haven't yet, go out with a friend, coworker, or yourself and grab a drink at your favorite spot downtown and help support these local places cause it's been too long and personally, I've missed them.