Montana is filled with so many small towns you would think it might be tough to choose which one is the most underrated but apparently, we have an answer.

Cheapism via MSN came out with a rankings of the Most Underrated Town in Every State and for the great state of Montana was Fort Benton.

Credit Fort Benton Montana via Facebook
Credit Fort Benton Montana via Facebook

When I was thinking about what town could be the most underrated, I didn't even think about Fort Benton and that's tragic because this place is pretty awesome.

The reasons why Fort Benton were chosen was due to it feels like a place time forgot. It's just outside of Great Falls and lays right next to the Missouri River and the scenery is absolutely picturesque. Plus, apparently Forbes and National Geographic are big fans.

I've only been to Fort Benton a few times but every time I have gone it's definitely a small town that gets overlooked all the time in Montana. That's probably due to the fact that Montana is primarily small towns and they all are underrated in their own ways.

Fort Benton is a few hours away from Bozeman but I would wait till the summertime to go because the drive during the winter could be a little brutal. Fort Benton during the warm weather season in Montana is breathtaking.

Some other underrated towns that should also be considered for Montana is Three Forks, Ennis, Lakeside, Polson, Eureka and countless others. That's just my humble opinion though.

To see the full list, check out MSN.

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