House Method put together possibly the most comprehensive list of The Most Popular Breweries in the US and for Each State. The biggest problem though, there aren't any breweries from Bozeman on the list.

The way they put this list together was combining number of Facebook followers, number of Instagram followers, Yelp score and number of Yelp reviews. That's a lot of work.

Starting with the Top 150 Breweries in the US, Montana ended up with two on the list. Lewis and Clark Brewery Co. in Helena came in at #8, which is awesome and then the only other Montana brewery was Philispburg Brewery(in Philipsburg obviously) at #119.

Then when they go into the most popular brewery for each state, for Montana it was Big Sky Brewery in Missoula. The methodology for this finding is they only compared breweries in their respective state.

For the Top Five in every state, Montana ended up with this list.

  1. Big Sky Brewing in Missoula
  2. Lewis and Clark Brewing Co. in Helena
  3. Tamarack Brewing Co. in Lakeside and with a new location in Missoula
  4. Draught Works Brewing in Missoula
  5. Great Northern Brewing Co. in Whitefish

Listen, we can all have a problem with not having a Bozeman brewery on here but this list is pretty darn great. They went through a lot of data to analyze over 2,200 breweries nationwide.

Way to go.

For more details, check out House Method.