When you think of iconic food in Montana, my mind goes towards meat and potatoes. That's just where my thoughts go to and probably most of America. They think of Montana and we are just filled with wildlife, ranches and no people.

Food Insider has a different idea.

Food Insider is a YouTube channel with over two million subscribers and they recently made a video called The Most Iconic Food in Every State and Montana had a one of a kind choice.

Watch the video below, it should be time stamped for Montana but if not, fast forward to the 4:34 mark.

You have to be a little surprised it wasn't bison or bull testicles. We are widely known for that as well. Food Insider could've chosen something easier but this is a great choice for Montana

Huckleberries are an excellent choice though. Montana has several stores that are themed selling just huckleberry items.

From chocolate to soap to even soda, we have it all for huckleberry themed products.

So I have a question for you ladies and gentlemen of the Gallatin Valley? Where is the best place to get a huckleberry themed meal, gift or candy nearby?

We know there are several to choose from so just fill out the survey below and we will have the results from your input next week. We put a few options on there already but please add more!

We can't wait to see the results and share them with the rest of the Gallatin Valley.

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