Sometimes you need to cool off, and here in Montana, we have some stellar lakes that can help.

With the weather warming up, folks will be exploring Montana hiking and camping, but if you want to take a dip into some crystal clear water, there are some stellar lakes you should check out.

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Montana has large and small lakes, but they all have a purpose. They are here so you can get together with friends or family and enjoy many of the activities on the water.

People love Montana's lakes for several reasons. People love boating, wakeboarding, tubing, or paddleboarding.

Photo by Mark Bosky via Unsplash
Photo by Mark Bosky via Unsplash

Plus, it helps Montana has some of the cleanest lakes you can find in America. You can see what's below you and what might be swimming with you.

Here in the Bozeman area, we have the Hyalite Reservoir. It's a fantastic spot to cool off with your dogs and enjoy the summer days, but Hyalite can get packed with tourists during the summer.

Friends of Hyalite via Facebook
Friends of Hyalite via Facebook

So we decided to put together a list of the best lakes in Montana that are worth the drive and won't be packed with people. You don't want to get to a lake and see big crowds or tourists. You want to go to a lake to connect with Montana and the beauty that surrounds it. Plus, cooling off from the heat is a bonus.

If you plan a Montana trip this summer, keep these impeccable lakes on your radar. They are worth the experience.

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