Sorry to be Captain Buzzkill over here, but that Costco coupon that is going around is a scam. 100% false according to Snopes and Costco.

The digital coupon being shared on social media claims that Costco is celebrating their 50th anniversary by giving $75 in-store credit to every family with a membership. That sure would be nice right in time for the holidays, but it's false.

One easy way to tell that this is a scam is the fact that Costco was founded in 1983 and would not be celebrating a 50th anniversary in 2018.

If a person does fall for the scam by clicking on the offer, they will be taken to a website that collects personal information. Making matters worse, after failing to receive a real $75 coupon, annoying junk phone calls will begin coming in on the phone number that the unsuspecting person provided.

The good news is, that's one less thank you card you have to send out this season.

costco scam

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