Looks like I might have to make a journey to not only ski but also grab a drink at this new lodge because this place is gorgeous.

Great Divide Ski Area just outside of Helena, Montana has finally unveiled their new lodge that uses a stretch skin to cover the outside and this place looks straight off a lunar base and this video goes to prove it.

The new Huggins Lodge sit above the Meadow Mountains chair lift and and can endure high winds and is to help alleviate the crowds from the other lodges and this place will surely be popular. Plus, nothing wrong with another place to have a tasty beverage while enjoying a beautiful day of fresh powder.

During the time of the COVID-19 pandemic instead of going up to the mountain whenever you want you have had to make sure you reserve your spot before you go up and even then, there are limitations on how many people can be in lodges, locker rooms or on a chairlift. Many ski areas are navigating these obstacles the best they can and with great success so far.

Even though we have fantastic ski resorts Bridger Bowl and Big Sky Resort nearby, Great Divide Ski Area is just a little over an hour away and their daily lift ticket prices are some of the best in the state. I'm not kidding, you can get a day pass for literally $35.

For more details, check out Great Divide.

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