There is no better feeling than going to a concert and enjoying a band or artist you love and seeing them live. 

Bozeman has some exciting concerts coming up this Spring and Summer in 2022. The thing is, what about towards the end of the year? The one place getting a steady stream of concerts is Logjam Present's The ELM on 7th Avenue in Bozeman. The promoter and venue have brought live shows of all genres to great success. 

So what can we expect this fall and winter from The ELM, and what potential shows that potentially could come to Bozeman? We could see a flurry of concerts that would easily fit the Logjam Presents venue and be perfect with the locals here and probably sell out. 

The concerts we chose for this list are mostly comprised of people who haven't ever been to Bozeman or haven't had a concert in Montana in a long time. These factors would help sell the show and excite concertgoers. 

The bands and artists we picked for this list are projected to have fall and winter tours announced within the next few months, and we can only hope they will have Bozeman on the list. If they don't, these artists will be missing out on a great live crowd that would be one of a kind. 

Let us know if there are any concerts you would like to see towards the tail end of 2022 that locals would be thrilled to see live. Keep your eye on Logjam Presents for concert news. 

Six Potential Concerts At Bozeman's The ELM This Fall and Winter

We could be in for an exciting fall and winter for concerts coming to the Gallatin Valley, especially here in Bozeman. The one location that we can look at for potential exciting shows is Logjam Preent's The ELM on 7th Avenue. So here are some potential shows we could see get announced that would be a hit with locals.

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