It's wild to think that today people still believe in tall tales about a state they've probably never even stepped foot in. 

Montana is full of beauty and wonder, and most of us locals realize how special the place we get to live in every day is. It's a vast state, full of history and legacies. We've talked about some of the mythical creatures that are rumored to be lurking around Montana, and some of the ghost stories that have become local tradition to tell

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These stories are always fun to talk about in October, during all the spooky season fun. Some people, however, honestly think some myths about Montana are true. 

Photo by Matthew Lancaster via Unsplash
Photo by Matthew Lancaster via Unsplash

So we compiled a list of some of the wildest myths people outside of Montana believe— some of these are head-scratchers. 

  • We Drive on Dirt Roads—I'm frequently asked if we only traverse dirt roads by people who have never been to Montana. Some folks believe we don't have paved roads at all. Do they think we don't have an interstate?
  • We Ride Horses Everywhere—When I was in high school, I was at a football camp in Seattle, and the other kids thought being from Montana meant we are all cowboys or cowgirls and ride horses everywhere. I'm not kidding. 
  • Montana is a Totally Desolate State—Some people online think that there is nothing in Montana but wildlife, mountains, forests, and nature. These people think every town in Montana is essentially a post office and a gas station. Apparently, Montana doesn't have any cities or anything 'fancy' like fast food and chain stores. 
  • Teepees—Some people, to this day, believe that whoever lives on a Native American reservation strictly lives in a teepee. Some folks are really out there with this mindset. 
  • We Are All Ranchers—This is thanks to the TV show Yellowstone, but some people honestly believe that most Montanans are few and far between, and are all ranchers with massive estates. Obviously, that is hardly the case. 
  • Bears Run Our Towns—Some people think locals and wildlife are hanging out 24/7, and this might be true depending on where you are, but Montanans and wildlife generally keep to themselves. Some bears did get a little wild this fall, but that was short-lived. Unless you're really roaming in the wilderness, your chances of seeing a bear at all are pretty small if you're just visiting.

These are a few of the ridiculous myths we have heard about Montana, and we can't believe that in this day and age, people can still be so far from the truth. 

Photo by Bailey Alexander via Unsplash
Photo by Bailey Alexander via Unsplash

Are there any more ridiculous myths about Montana you have heard from those that live elsewhere? Let us know. 

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