There's a reason I'm not a big fan of camping or hiking, and these spooky tales certainly don't make it sound any more appealing.

Earlier this week, we talked about Montana's urban legends and all the tall tales that permeate Montana's culture. Those are all fun stories you can tell around the campfire—but what about the more sinister, scary stories? 

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Montana is covered in dense forests, high mountains, and caves that hide lurking creatures. With a state full of odd happenings in the woods and strange rumors, we thought we would break down all the creepiest mythical monsters that are rumored to have been sighted in Montana. 

One mythical creature that is famous in Montana is the Shunka Warak'in. The Shunka Warak'in, found in Native American folklore, is a wolf-like animal rumored to have killed large animals like cows and horses, as well as dogs. The creature is characterized by high shoulders, pitch-black fur, and a back sloped down like a hyena. Some sources claim it has a human-like cry.

Photo by Chris Ensminger via Unspaslh
Photo by Chris Ensminger via Unspaslh

The Shunka Warak'in definitely isn't something I'd want to meet on a hike or a camping trip. Though it could just be a big wolf that was mistaken for a mythical creature, I'm not about to take any risks. 

Next up, we have the Wendigo. This creature will terrify you to your core. Typically a tall and skinny human-esque form with antlers, Wendigos have deep roots in Native American culture and are rumored to live in dense forests near mountains. Supposedly, they lure in victims by imitating human voices. 

This is another reason why you won't catch me in the backcountry. Things like this are the reason why nightmares exist. Watch the film Antlers, if you want to get an idea of what a Wendigo might look like for reference. 

These are just a couple of the mythical monsters that could be roaming around Montana without us ever knowing for sure. All kinds of sighting claims have been made about these creatures, though very little real evidence exists. After all, in Montana's vast wilderness, there are plenty of places to hide. 

Either way, I'm going to have nightmares tonight. 

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