There are ‘American Idol‘ backstories and then there are backstories! We doubt that any of the contestants that have stood on the audition stage through the show’s entire history could lay claim to going through what hopeful Romeo Diahn has been through. He is a true survivor with a feel good story if there ever was one.

Diahn lived in Liberia, which is located in West Africa, in a refugee camp. He was there for much of his early life. But despite those incredible trials and tribulations, he never lost his voice or his love of music.

He sang Bob Marley’s ‘Is this Love and when he did, we realized the kid can sing. When he does, he offers up an infectious island vibe and flavor, which may be limiting in the thick of this particular competition, since it so pop and so mainstream. The general public might not get Diahn. Jennifer Lopez noted that, but she still gave him a “tiny yes” to get through to the next round unanimously.

So Diahn is going to Hollywood and PopCrush is left marveling at the strength and vitality of the human spirit, which he embodies to the fullest.

Watch Romeo Diahn Perform on ‘American Idol’