If you've always wanted to be a contestant on American Idol, the audition process will look a little different this year. American Idol auditions will be held virtually.

According to ABC, "Idol Across America" will begin August 10. Remote auditions will take place across all 50 states plus Washington, D.C., for the first time in the show's history. The move hopes to make auditions easier than ever. "Idol Across America" will give folks the chance to showcase their talents from anywhere in America.

For American Idol hopefuls in Montana, the official audition date is set for September 1, along with Colorado, Nevada, and Wyoming. Open call auditions will be held on August 25 for those that are unable to audition on the specific date for Montana.

You must be between 15 – 28 years old to audition for American Idol. You can schedule your audition time by clicking the "Montana Auditions" button. and may do so on any "Idol Across America" date regardless of your location.

Personally, I've auditioned for American Idol twice. In 2008 in Seattle, and in 2010 in San Diego. It was an experience I'll never forget even though I never actually made it onto the show.

If you want to represent Montana and be a part of American Idol's first-ever live virtual nationwide search for the next superstar, click here for all of the details.

An official air date for Season 19 of American Idol has not yet been announced.

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