The other weekend, a few friends and I were planning on going downtown for a night of good times. It was just a normal weekend and we were in contact with people already in the bars scooping out the situation. That's when we got the text that John Mayer was spotted in town!

While the idea of randomly running into John Mayer in Bozeman was a pretty cool notion, we didn't plan on purposefully tracking him down. I'm assuming he came to Bozeman because we have a great city and we generally keep to ourselves. Of course I was thinking if I did run into him, I would definitely go for a high five or a hand shake.

Once we got downtown, we met up with our friend Keesha who was celebrating her 21st. With a big smile on her face she exclaimed, "We saw John Mayer!" Not only did she see him, she got a photo with him! When she saw John, she excitedly told him it was her 21st and asked for a photo with him. Strangely, John offered to take the photo. With an outstretched arm, John framed the two of them in the photo you see below. Have you seen a smile that genuine before? It's crazy what celebrities can do to us. It turned out to be a pretty great 21st celebration, right! And welcome to Bozeman, John.

Below is John Mayer on the Ellen DeGenerous show talking about moving to Montana.