Hopefully this date sticks this time.

Regal Cinemas announced that they will be reopening their theaters nationwide on Friday, August 21st. They were orginally supposed to open on Friday, July 10th but several huge movies postponed and Regal decided to stay closed until August 21st.

Regal Cinemas, including the one at the Gallatin Valley Mall, will be following strict guidelines laid out by the CDC to make sure everyone is safe while watching movies.

They will be mostly using contactless payment, so using either a debit/credit card or buying tickets through the Regal App will be the best choice.

Customers will be required to wear masks in lobbies, restrooms, hallways and in the movie theater when you aren't drinking or eating.

The theaters will also be at 50% capacity and Regal will make sure there is distance between seats to practice social distancing.

Regal Cinemas wants to make sure everyone feels safe while they are back at the movies when they reopen.


Plus, when they reopen, they will be featuring some classic films to fill up the other theaters. Form Star Wars to Marvel to Jaws to so many other movies that will make you jump at the chance to get back in the theater to watch them.

My personal choices would be Rocky, The Goonies, Deadpool, Inception, Beverly Hills Cop, The Dark Knight and the Lord of the Rings trilogy. What can I say, I love going to the movies.

The best part of them bringing back these movies, they are only going to cost you $5 to see them, $3 if you have a child. That's an incredible deal. Sign me up.

For more details, check out Regal Cinemas.

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