It's official ladies and gentlemen.

Our movie theater will be reopening Friday, July 10th and there will be several rules in place so every can not only enjoy new films coming out but also feel safe.

Regal Cinemas released new safety and health measures that will be followed in all Regal Cinemas including the one here in Bozeman.

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Some of the new procedures include contactless payment. You will be able not only to buy tickets through the Regal app but also concession items as well.

After a movie is shown employees will be using ULV Foggers in every auditorium. These electrostatic 'fogger' equipment offer deep sanitization and is highly effective in disinfecting materials with a non-toxic formula.

Employees will undergo daily health screening including temperature checks, wash hands every 30 to 60 minutes and wear masks.

Regal Cinemas will also have wall mounted hand sanitizer stations through out the lobby and walkways.

Concession stands will be a little bit different. There will only be a limited menu and refills on large popcorn and drinks will be suspended.

From the looks of it as well, the theater capacity will probably be around 50% to 75% capacity. They will be maintaining at least two seats between different groups.

This is huge news, especially because there are several big movies still on the schedule for July and August.

July will see new releases such as Disney's Mulan and Christopher Nolan's(The Dark Knight Trilogy, Inception) Tenet.

Then in August we will see Bill and Ted Face the Music and the new Spongebob movie as well.

If by mid-July or August we movie to Phase 3 guidelines of COVID-19, then the theater will move back to 100% capacity.

As much as I enjoy love being home and watching films, I miss going to the theater and enjoying the big screen.

Are you excited for the movie theater here in Bozeman to reopen?

For more details, check out the Regal Cinemas Health and Safety Guidelines.

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