Well, we should have seen this coming with more movies being pushed back to the end of 2020 or into 2021.

Regal Cinemas posted on Twitter that on Thursday, October 8th will suspend it's operations again until further notice. This included the Bozeman Regal Cinemas at the Gallatin Valley Mall will be closing down too. Here is their announcement from Twitter.

Credit: Regal Cinemas via Twitter

This makes sense. The only new movies so far that have come out in theaters have been The New Mutants and Christopher Nolan's Tenet.

Regal Cinemas tried to make going back to the movies fun again with cheaper prices and bringing back classic films from Star Wars to Marvel films and even Jaws. The thing is, folks got used to staying home and enjoying films from the comfort of home. It also doesn't help that cases of COVID don't make folks feel safe in an enclosed area with a group of people. No matter how clean you keep the theater people will want to feel safe when watching a movie.

The movie theaters would need big films consistently to bring back the crowds. The problem is that most of the big films that were slated to come out this fall or pushed back a few months have all been pushed again to either December 2020 or well into 2021. That is when everyone is hoping that COVID-19 is under control and folks can feel better about going back to the movie theater.

As soon as we find out more information about Regal Cinemas having the possibility of opening back up we will keep you informed.

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