All of the big game commercials are coming out and not one but two of the best one's features Post Malone and Bud Light Seltzer.

Check out the video's below.

You have to love these ads. Our favorite part is that all the people controlling him have the same tattoos as Post Malone. Pure genius.

Here's the best part, Bud Light is letting us choose which ad is shown. Just retweet on Twitter, either #PostyBar or #PostyStore for your choice.

Honestly, they should show both ads.

The thing to think about is, will Bud Light Seltzer take over what White Claw has built over the past few years. White Claw is the beloved not only in Montana but especially in Bozeman.

We will see if Bud Light Setlzer becomes the new favorite in Bozeman.

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