This poor man will probably be changing his phone number soon, and I don't blame him.

If you watch movies or play video games, you will notice that most phone numbers given on screen are pretty obviously fake. If you tried to call the number, you would almost always get an automated voice saying the number is invalid. There is a reason why movies, TV, and video games do that, and it's about to become clear why. 

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A popular horror video game called Bigfoot has recently been released. Set in Yellowstone National Park, it takes the gamer on a hunt for Bigfoot, but you need to watch out for other lurking wildlife as well. You can even play with up to three friends.

The game has been gaining popularity since its release a few months ago, and one player realized that it might be a little too realistic. 

A streamer playing the game with his friends found a virtual billboard advertising Yellowstone tours. The kicker is that the number the fake billboard lists is actually a real, active Montana phone number. Watch the video below. 

@mufussy I called a random number in Bigfoot #twitchclips #funny #prank #phonenumber #fyp ♬ original sound - Justin

Credit: mufussy via TikTok

That's right, the number belongs to a man named Ron, and I am guessing his voicemail is full because of people calling the number in the game. That poor guy. 

This is just one reason why media never uses real phone numbers. There have only been a handful of active numbers used in popular media, and I wonder if this was a mixup on the game developers' side, or if they picked a random Montana phone number and hoped it wasn't active. 

Either way, this man is probably sick of all the voicemails and calls. Hopefully, he can get things resolved. If you're ever receiving a plethora of random calls, consider checking popular entertainment sources to make sure your number isn't being broadcasted somewhere.

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