I am just so happy they aren't closing. I would have a breakdown if that happened.

Paulie's was one of the first places I went to get food when I moved to Bozeman. I love everything they have to offer from their delicious sandwiches (highly recommend the Tangler) or one of their many tasty bratwursts.

I went to Paulie's to grab a sandwich and noticed their napkin holsters had some info that I am glad I know now.


Paulie's is moving to a new location! Looks like they will be located right off of 11th and Kagy and it's a great spot. They will be getting tons of students visiting them and they will be the place to grab a bite to eat before football games.

I asked one of the employees when they will be moving and they said it should be by the end of the month. What I might be more excited about is they are also going to have a food truck as well!

For more updates they suggest checking out Paulie's Facebook Page.

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