Not only would this spot have zero competition but have a great model where they would succeed.

The other day I was thinking about Brando's Wings closing down and where I can find a good set of wings. There is the Pourhourse Bar and the Hideaway Grill that has pretty great wings but you will be paying top dollar for those wings. Then there is Buffalo Wild Wings if you want to deal with the big crowd.

This got me thinking about one wing franchise that I have had multiple times in bigger cities and honestly has a great model that would succeed well here in Bozeman. That would be the national wing franchise, Wingstop.

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Wingstop is built on essentially three things, great wings, affordable prices, and no room to eat their wings in store. Wingstop has incredible flavors, wing specials all the time, and offers fast service. Plus, most of their customers get their wings either as take-out or get them delivered.

That means Wingstop wouldn't need a ton of space or employees to operate their location. That would help Wingstop thrive because not only would this be the only location in Montana but with all of the new residents, they would have a place of familiarity to eat.

Plus, on the Wingstop website, one of their potential market spots in Bozeman. If they put their location up near the Montana State campus, they would crush it.

That's just my opinion though. What do you think?

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